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Why India's Tourism Sector Needs Tourism and Event Management Graduates Now More Than Ever

India's biggest strength is its hospitality sector, including the travel and tourism industry. India's travel and tourism sector contributes approximately $121.9 billion to the country's GDP. Per the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), India's tourism industry ranked third in its contribution to GDP. However, the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic recorded a significant shift in the country's economy, with domestic travelling reducing by 30% and approximately 38 million people losing employment opportunities. To revitalise the country's economy, institutes like Garden City University are offering travel and tourism programs to enhance the future of India's tourism industry.

Why Indian Economy Needs Travel, Tourism, and Event Management Graduates

After the Government of India declared a nationwide lockdown in March 2020, stopping all international flights, the country's economy experienced a severe blow regarding employment, income, and foreign exchange rate. India is a major tourist hub because of its culture, tradition, and grand welcome. With a 12.5% employment rate, India's travel and tourism industry gave employment opportunities to over 87 million citizens.

Considering the impact of India's tourism sector on the country's growth and development, the nation is in immediate need of a sustainable future workforce that fits India's tourism and industry models. Courses such as GCU's Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Event Management build and promote a vital and profitable tourism environment.

Even though the pandemic halted India's growth graph, there is still potential and room for improvement, recovery, and enhancement. Graduate tourism and event management courses shape this country's future by preparing and training students to participate in international conventions, contribute to cultural exchange, and accelerate India's tourism sector through global and cross-culture interactions and delegations.

How Tourism and Event Management Programs Help India's Economy

As India has begun its recovery from the aftermath of the pandemic, it is the perfect time to redirect the tourism industry to regain the domestic and international travel rates and rebuild the employment sector. Institutions like Garden City University are contributing to reviving the travel and tourism landscape. Keeping in mind the industry requirements to maintain and resuscitate job opportunities while complying with the current environment and policies, tourism and travel courses focus on matching national and international tourism standards.

BBA Tourism and Event Management courses include the history, present landscape, and future of travel, tourism, and event management. These programs equip students with software training, foreign language teaching, provision of domestic and international tour materials, and skill enhancement. In universities like GCU, students not only learn about the importance of the hospitality sector but also understand the inner and outer workings of the world of travel and tourism and the role of event management in navigating the intricate industry.

With particular emphasis on the workings of event organisation, laws, licences, operation, advertising, marketing, sales, and executing successful events, these courses greatly push India's economic growth and development. Graduates can secure jobs in travel agencies, destination marketing fields, Government tourism panels, airlines, NGOs, rural tourism events, or become tour operators, travel guides, and hospitality managers.

In Conclusion

India is on a journey to regain momentum and revive its tourism industry by opening its doors to change new policies and growth. Per WTTC's report, India's economy has the potential to reach ₹15.9 trillion, and with the right strategies and workforce, India will get back on its feet in no time. Studying at a prestigious and experienced university enables and prepares students to revamp India's development.

If you are looking for a renowned institute with a stellar Tourism and Event Management program, and experienced professors, trainers, and researchers, check out Garden City University to learn, understand, and grow.


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