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Why Finding the Right Person to Convey a Brand's Personality is a Challenge

Today, everything is about building a brand and brand personality. Choosing the right voice to represent your venture on a public platform determines the influence you will have. When the world has numerous others offering the same services or products, branding is the only place to gain a competitive edge. Understanding this, Garden City University is invested in equipping the future with the skills to communicate effectively. At the School of Indian and Foreign Languages, the students are taught the subtle art of communication.

Memorable or Forgotten? Why Brand Personality is Important

When you break it down, people don't like companies. They look for various factors that humanise a product and give it a feeling of familiarity. For instance, there are numerous luxury chocolate brands in India, but there is still a large fanbase for Cadbury's. The brand has taken a voice and tone that appeals to the right audience, and it has always worked in their favour. The nostalgia and familiar yet unnamed feelings rush to the buyer's mind at the sight of the purple wrapper that sells the chocolate.

Marketing campaigns make it clear that there is an underlying message that speaks to the consumers on a deeper level, urging them to make a purchase. Finding the right voice and traits for a brand can be tricky, but it is immensely powerful once you get it right. In fact, one successful attempt at branding can solidify the brand's place in the market.

Striking gold with brand representation is not as simple as you might think. It needs world-class training, an in-depth understanding of the market, and a way of directing the viewer's attention. Staying on top of market research and the audience's interest is critical to maintaining the viewer's affinity. An appropriate example to cite here might be the case of Victoria's Secret. At the inception of the brand, it was all about Victoria and her sensuality. As time went by, the brand flipped the image with tall and fit women who were reclaiming their sexuality, and it was a hit until the 2010s. But the lack of inclusivity became their downfall when the socially aware millennials and Gen Z became the majority of consumers. Failure to keep up with time led to this major retailer's steep decline.

Making a Career in Branding and Marketing

Since entrepreneurs and influencers are increasingly attractive careers for today's generation, the competition in the market is cutthroat. Each professional needs a brand personality that sets them apart from the crowd. Conveying the personality in a way that captures the attention of the audience is the underrepresented need of the hour.

The School of Indian and Foreign Languages at Garden City University exposes students to complex ideas, broader socio-cultural and political problems, and novel ways of reaching solutions. The program aims to familiarise students with various English and foreign-language literature. The school seeks to provide students with the opportunity to interact with professionals from the field to understand what the industry demands from them.

As a result, graduates are well-equipped to carry out their jobs brilliantly. Even if they meet any bumps while conveying a brand's personality, they have the required skills in their arsenal to tackle any problem that their career throws at them.

Final Thoughts

Garden City University is one of the premier higher education institutions in Bangalore. Graduates from the School of Indian and Foreign Languages here find they have what it takes to lead a successful career in publicity, brand management, digital/product marketing, etc.

Start your journey to a successful career today with Garden City University!


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