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I am Amrit Pal student at Garden City University. I have spent almost 5 years with GCU. I studied BBA 2015-2018 and now presently pursuing MBA. These 5 years of my journey is a complete transformation from an Introvert to an Extrovert. GCU helped me to be what I am today. I was not only taught what was written in books but even experimental activities with real life experience.... I owe my success and growth to GCU. I am extremely blessed to be a part of this wonderful University. I remember when my parents were trying to get me admission in other university, I choose this university instead and was adamant to be a part of GCU. When attending Interview with other colleges there were questions on my ability to pay fees my economic Background, Whereas Garden City University never asked me such questions. They saw my potential and understood I deserve a chance. They were kind enough to help me to have a better life. Today I am a MBA student from such a well renowned university. It's a dream come true for a person like me who were rejected by other colleges just because they thought I can't afford the fees for being middle class and would fail if given a chance. But GCU is the only university who treated me with respect, attention and motivation which was much needed of the hour which I needed so badly. Today I am working in a reputed company with well-paid salary even being a fresher in corporate sector. This happened only because of Garden City University and the professors who are very professional and friendly at same time. The best university that I would recommend to everyone I meet. read more

Ms Amrit Pal

Garden City University is not just a University; it is the epitome of learning where students fulfil their dreams, overcome fears and weaknesses to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. It is not just a place to earn the qualification or a degree but to be groomed holistically. Garden City University nurtures talent. The past one year has been full of learning opportunity that were full of fun,... the industrial exposure makes me a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world. Being away from Home, Garden City University is a second home to me. I feel proud to be a part of such an esteemed Gardenia family. read more

Alan Sam Monachan

Garden City University has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The mentors at Garden City University helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. The regular interaction with the... Placement team also encouraged me to excel in my interview and developing skills that are required for future use. The infrastructure of Garden City University is one of the finest in Bangalore and is what stands out from the rest. The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The professors here make the university what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed University and this is a treasure for life. read more

Ms Christina Thimothy Brahmakulam

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Garden City University for helping me out at each and every step of my professional career. The institute provided me the best possible platform and infrastructure to excel my career interest. The expert faculty made me ready for the industries while the placement training helped me in enhancing my... soft skills which made me stand out from others. The teachers here are super amazing and always try to make students the best. I would like to congratulate each and every student who are in the guidance of GCU`s faculties. read more

Mr Amit Singh Programme-BBAR

My Name is Hyun Min Kim. I am a M.Com. student from South Korea at Garden City University presently. I had completed my B.COM Honours at GCU in 2018. I had numerous opportunities to try new things, as well as several events that help students create lasting memories. We also got the opportunity to check out start-up businesses. We had excellent faculty ...members who taught us and occasionally there were opportunities to interact with outside specialists. These were the reasons for my decision to attend Garden City University. read more

Hyun Min Kim

It has been truly invaluable experience studying at Garden City University. GCU has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills throughout. The infrastructure of GCU is one of finest, the plantations in the campus is more attractive and beautiful. The best thing about this University... is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The professors here make the University what it is today. With an attitude of being ever-ready to help, and not only delivering Classroom lectures but they are also the pillars of learning gained from this esteemed University and this will be treasured for Life. Finally I would like to thank all my faculty members, the Chancellor and my dearest friends for giving me such a wonderful experience and memories to cherish throughout my life. read more

Gayana R

Hello, my name is Safa Kausar, and this year I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Accounting and Finance (ACCA)-BCAF. The facilities at GCU were excellent, including our labs, food court, and classrooms. We were also surrounded by lush greenery and coconut groves. It is a spacious campus with numerous amenities, including a large field for

Safa Kausar

If one has to describe the time period of the years 2020 to mid-2022, the apt words would be turbulent, unrealistic and uncertain. The world got accustomed to many practices and protocols which were novel or seen only on films or literatures that depict a pandemic. My admission to the GCU was during this timeframe. When all students were worried about their daily ... classes, GCU and its eminent faculty assured that no stones were left unturned to ensure daily classes and lessons were delivered to its students remotely. It took us a bit to get accustomed to, but became a daily routine. Thanks to GCU’s modern day dynamic approaches in adapting digital classrooms and meeting spaces, when WFH protocols were followed worldwide in workplaces, we the students became the torchbearers of the same in the educational sector. Thus, making us ready to face the world and its dynamic nature. All credits and gratitude to the eminent faculties and management of GCU for making sure all the lessons, assignments and projects were delivered to the students on time. At the end, the only loss would be of not meeting our classmates and friends real time and have the college life and the fun we always wanted to have. read more

Sonu Daniel Sam

I am Anwesha Das and I am proud to be a student with Garden City College from 2006-2011 (BSc Genetics and MSc Biochemistry). The faculty here become your friend, mentor and motivator as well. We were not only given theoretical knowledge but also were exposed to practical knowledge as well. We always got a well balanced learning i.e. theory and practical. Apart... from education we were always encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, attending conferences, present your project and publish your research. Those experiences gave me the chance to pursue my PhD in UK. Those 5 college years well full of enjoyment and thrill. As an alumni I still receive birthday wishes every year from our Chancellor which makes me a proud Gardenian even now. read more

Anwesha Das

My name is Gayani Madara Senanayake and I am from Sri Lanka. So proud to be associated with Garden City College from 2013-2016 (B.Sc. Biotechnology) and I must say that the learning experience brought me real satisfaction and I am privileged to be a student of GCC. The faculty provides intensive lectures with interactive Wet Lab demonstrations and training... gives everyone great teaching and learning experience in a very friendly atmosphere. We always received insights on how we should improve and towards where we should focus from our beloved lecturers. We were able to access world- class education and facilities as well as had the advantage of being located conveniently in the city of Bangalore. The B.Sc. degree program gave me an edge for my future career as the education was oriented towards the student learning experience and focused on research aspects as well. Not only in academia we were offered valuable access to resource persons and pioneers in the field. Apart from studies, I enjoyed involvement in clubs and various extracurricular activities. The theoretical knowledge plus the communicational skills I achieved during the course provided me the way to involve in academia and currently I am working as an associate lecturer in Biochemistry in Sri Lanka. read more

GayaniMadara Senanayake

My name is Sidharth Satapathyand and I am proud to be associated with Garden City College from 2005-2008 (BSc Biotechnology). The faculty here are wonderful and they go the extra mile to help the students not only in academic career but also as a mentor. We were not only given theoretical knowledge but also were exposed to practical knowledge as well. The... facilities in the college are world class. At the end, they make sure that you get a job in hand before you pass out of the College. I was selected by Infosys from Campus recruitment organized by GCC. Those 3 years which I spent at the college were the best days of my life. Miss those days and all the best to everyone studying there, you made the right choice. Will always proudly remain a Gardenian throughout. read more

Sidharth Satapathy

I have had my best days as an undergraduate student at GCU, made friends who are now as close as family and have shared innumerable memories on the beautiful campus of GCU. I was able to go to France and Spain for a student exchange program and I will ever be grateful to GCU for that opportunity. I also happen to be formally introduced to the field of ... Apiculture by Dr.HR Bhargava. I have now embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in the very field of beekeeping and also intend to pursue my Ph.D. in the aspects of Apitherapy. GCU is a great place to experience college life indeed. read more

Chirag G Pradeep

I am humbled to share my experiences of college days at Garden City College. “It’s been over a decade since I have passed out of GCC yet it remains to be the most cherished days of my life. More than anything, I am grateful for the sense of true happiness and friendship being imparted to us by the college and faculty. It’s truly a fun filled learning ... experience. The labs, the cafeteria, the library...the entire campus was our sweet abode! I wish I could relive those moments once again. Simply to put in words... in between the Freshers’ Farewell, life happened..! read more

Ms. Anupama Panicker

Coming from a Hindi medium school, when I became a part of Garden City College (Garden City University) the exposure which I got was amazing. The environment at our college helped me enhance academic and non-academic skills to make me industry ready. The college & department had constantly provided me with good opportunities to improve myself.... My faculty members were experienced, proficient & accessible to me and had played an integral part in my overall development of my skills and knowledge. My college had organized various workshops and internship with collaboration of many renowned institutions that helped me in holistic development. I can never forget the contribution of the Chemistry department for helping and guiding me throughout my college journey. I feel grateful and thankful to Garden City College for providing me great exposure in such a competitive world and offering vast range of opportunities to reach my goal. read more

Mr Vishwamitra Kumar

The Emphasis on Life in Garden City University's motto is perfectly appropriate. The best teachers are those who continuously inspire us to succeed in life through academics, extracurricular activities and other means. Being a student at one of Bangalore's top universities makes me feel proud. The stunning campus and excellent facilities... that Garden City University offers pleasantly surprised me. Eventually the outstanding teaching methods and incredible support I received to advance my education convinced me of Garden City University's excellence. GCU is an excellent place to study. Being a part of this University is an honour in itself. A plethora of opportunities present themselves for you to grab and help you find your true self. So its a promise of great experiences with an excellent faculty team and many events in which you can participate. Build networks, take chances, and compete as if your life depends on it while you're here, and you'll be rewarded with the best. read more

Dr.Riyaz Ahmad Khan

After completing my class 12, I shifted to one of the educational hub of India i.e. the electronic city. As I entered the knowledge mall”, Iwas mesmerized by looking at its architectural design. The mall consisted of various attractive pockets .The Founder of the mall, our honourable chairman Dr.Joseph V G whose motto is Emphasis is... on Life created a platform where each student can gather both knowledge and enhance their skills. The college not only focuses on physical but also mental and cultural development. Each student has a golden opportunity to showcase their talent in their own interest area. Each and every employee of the college is very friendly and extremely helpful. The faculty is the asset of this college. And I had the golden opportunity to spend my three years under their sincere guidance. I am also very happy to have such great seniors, juniors and my classmates. Indeed we were a family. I, Paromita Sanyal is a writer both in English and Bengali (thanks to English club), theatre artist (thanks to the GCC theatre club for constantly motivating and helping me to enhance my skills), singer and an anchor (once again thank you GCC for giving me the opportunity for anchoring various programs). This college has really contributed towards what I am today. I am really blessed and feel proud of being a Gardenian (2007-2010). read more


This institution is where I have done my B.Sc in Microbiology, Genetics, and Chemistry. My undergraduate studies gave me the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for research precisely with the world under the microscope; this helped me pursue my higher studies and build my career. Besides providing a great academic ... infrastructure including laboratories, library, and teaching faculty members, it also supported me to boost my self-confidence and self-reliance. It was indeed a journey that provided an ‘Emphasis on Life. read more

Dr.Suvro Saha

As an undergraduate student (2010-2013) Chemistry, Genetics & Microbiology), I have had a fantastic time studying at Garden City University, Bangalore. The comfortable study environment, friendly staff, and up-to-date resources made my journey in Garden City delightful. Garden City University was a great avenue to grow both academically and personally. The unified learning initiatives... made studying pertinent to match the modern scenario. As students, we improved our leadership and interpersonal skills through student development clubs, which added value to my degree and allowed me to grow. With supportive teachers and excellent schooling, I have had countless experiences studying here, and many of them did contest me out of my comfort zone. My undergrad days and Garden City University has been the stepping stone to my career choice as a researcher. read more

Dr.Kaushita Banerjee

I am Tharaka Lalinda De Silva, was a student at Garden City College (yes, it was called a college back then) during 2009-2012 (Student ID 09RSS75116). I am really proud and happy to see our college has advanced to become a University. The foundation I got for my higher studies by completing the BSc at GCC has encouraged... me to keep studying and pursue a career in science. After completing Master’s degree in Australia, I am working as a Quality Control Scientist now. Just want to start by saying it was an excellent experience to study at Garden City and I met some fabulous people and built a solid foundation to my higher studies during my time in India. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and approachable. Even after 10 years from my studies, I still keep in touch with some of my lecturers. There were students from pretty much all around the world (I think it was about 70+ nationalities during my time). The friendships built with these diverse students, helped me to develop great team building personality and valuable friendships. The subject combination in BSc were Genetics, Microbiology and Chemistry. From memory Garden City at the time, was one of the very few if not the only college to offer the above combination of subjects. Studying major subjects enabled me to choose from a variety of options when I advanced further in my studies and in my career. There were great laboratory facilities to help practice the techniques studied in theory lessons. I think the practical assessments as a part of final exams in each semester are very valuable to gain confidence in laboratory techniques. If you are looking for a place to study in India look no further, I am sure Garden City will be a great start for your journey. All the best Garden City University. read more

Mr. Tharaka Lalinda De Silva

Hi, my name is Ishara Vithana and my journey at Garden City College started in 2008. I had just finished my Advanced Level exams in Sri Lanka and I was thinking of future prospects, one of my friend from school had decided to travel to India to do a degree at a good University. I researched Universities at Bangalore... and found Garden City College. It was a great opportunity to further advance my career. I made the applications and waited for the results. My friend and myself got into the college within few months. I was overjoyed, we packed, and everything was ready. We made the move. We reached here at the start of the first term in 2009. I met many students from Sri Lanka and the staff at college made me feel at home. Freshers day came, I performed with a band and made more friends. It was exciting, there was so much to do and so much to see. We visited many cultural landmarks via the university and saw so much. We played sports after classes, made lot of new friends and studied hard during exams. I will never forget the life lessons and memories. I was very much interested in sports and joined the cricket team immediately and performed my best. I was in the college team for the whole duration of the period. We won many tournaments, visited many Colleges, it was a life changing experience. The academic professionalism by my lecturers always motivated me to further my career in microbiology and chemistry. I was really interested in food/ biotechnology career and all the lecturers really helped to mould who I am today. The practical lessons were great and I learned the actual industry techniques required to further develop my skills. By the end of 2012 I had completed my Bachelor’s degree in genetics and moved to New Zealand to finish my Masters of Science in Biotechnology. I worked there for a few years and now currently I am a Quality Compliance Manager for a top Food Production Company in Sri Lanka. Life doesn't always go your way but hard work, determination and commitment will always get you where you want to be. Study hard, enjoy life and you will be always be happy. Thanks read more

Mr. Ishara Vithana

I started my College life in Garden City College, as a bachelor student in 2009. I enrolled in BSc Chemistry, Microbiology and Genetics. I consider my college days as one of the best chapters in my life due to many reasons. The multicultural exposure, the facilities at our University and the attractive environment was an ideal platform for an international

Mr. Pravinda Bhagya

My name is Bonti Jyoti Arandhara and have completed M.Sc.Biotechnology Batch (2013-2015). A pleasure to write few experiences of me being associated with GCU which was known as GCC when I enrolled myself for M.Sc. Biotech during 2013. I came to GCC as a girl with many dreams and everything was new to me, new city, friends... and situations around but I would say that GCU gave me a platform to open myself to all the new endeavors of life. Our Professors were ever ready to help with my academic growth always. Two years passed by and I stepped out in my professional life and it was time for me to use my experience carried from GCU ahead. I have been associated with great platforms in my professional career and still learning and growing every day. And GCU will remain to be with me from the initial days of my journey both personally and professionally. read more

Bonti Jyoti Arandhara

Hello, I'm Anjitha Satheesan Chembara from Garden City University, Bachelor of Journalism(H) & Psychology. I'm a Keralite but settled in Mumbai. When I came to Bangalore, I felt everything was new, the atmosphere, the place and everything, at first, I felt I would miss home, my surroundings and my comfort zone but to my... surprise, I found my second home here, found a lot of friends and a lot of respectful professors. Garden City University became my second home, GCU has also given me opportunities and support for a chance to pursue my dream as an artist. My professors have always been supporting me and my classmates for becoming better every day. I am proud to be a part of Garden City University. I am proud because of our university faculties and how they guide all of us. Students may have to face a lot of struggles in life but if you are a Gardenian, you know that you aren't alone and you will overcome any situation. read more

Anjitha Chembara Satheesan

I am Zeenath Nisha, presently pursuing my Bachelor's in Visual Communication from Garden City University. The infrastructure and highly experienced, and supportive faculty members really help me enhance my skills and knowledge. Apart from focusing on curriculum, the university conducts and organizes various events such as... workshops, fests and industrial visits etc., that help us develop our personality. I thank faculties for their guidance and university for supporting us to pursue our dream. I am grateful to be a part of this university and proud to be known as a Gardenian. read more

Zeenath Nisha

My name is Jaisha Mangal, I am a student of Media Department. I am from Dubai; I came to know about this university from my friend who is also studying in the same department. Later when I enquired about this university with my relatives, I came to know my uncle is an alumnus of this college. After viewing the online page of... the university, I came across the pictures of the campus which gave ambient and peaceful vibe which I have not seen in other educational institutions. The greenery in the campus is the main attraction. The university offers a variety of courses to choose from. The faculty is very helpful and friendly which creates a better environment to learn and aim better for the future. read more

Jaisha Mangal

University nurtures a massive part of your personality, especially because you meet new people, get to do what you love and the best part - The best faculty! Coming from North India, I have always fantasised about studying in Bangalore and discovering the city so I decided on pursuing my bachelor's degree here, and to my utmost... fortune, I am glad to have discovered Garden City University. Quite a large part of GCU is instilled in me and a lot of which contributes to being where I am today. Although we didn't get to attend our entire term of college due to covid, we certainly learned a lot during our online sessions. Throughout the journey, the teachers have been extremely cooperative and understanding. GCU provides a number of curriculum and cultures for students with different interests. I have always been passionate about learning and GCU gave me that platform. I can proudly say I am a student of Garden City University and shall always cherish the memories I got to make. A hearty thanks to you GCU! read more


Garden City University to me is always extremely special because I was just a normal student who wanted to have a graduation with a Bachelor’s and placement opportunity, but in reality GCU helped me unfold what I actually am and what exactly my area of interest and capabilities are, the freedom that you get in this University ... ensures you grow in the right path, the environment and the students I met in GCU from all the way across the world will be something I will forever keep missing, staff here are always polite to us and guide us exactly on what we look forward to. In the final year, even though I got an amazing placement opportunity I still had the complete freedom of choosing my path for which I will always be thankful. Hence my love towards GCU is endless. read more


Garden City University is not just a university it’s something very special that I never felt that I am from a different place. The education and placements were best. And I would like to thank my Teachers, Mentor and Friends who always helped and supported me, I will always be appreciative and have unending love... for GCU. Thank You!!! read more


I'm Aldrin Jose Antony, a first-year Master of Science in IT from Garden City University. Education is an important factor that separates us from one another and the first step to achieving a good education is by enrolling oneself in a prestigious university.Emphasis on Life is our college motto as it has... always believed in contributing to the society by providing education, economic opportunities, growing new infrastructural improvements and continuing to come up with sustainable answers to chronic issues faced by the society. I firmly believe that education is the best way to educate young minds and that it can only be provided in a pleasant environment with forward-thinking ideals. I enjoy being a part of Garden City University as it includes all the characteristics that make a university excellent. The teaching fraternity are highly qualified and impart knowledge with diligence, while encouraging the students to think out of the box. The educational curriculum is up to date with the fast-moving world. Since students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds enroll here, the college offers a large range of scholarships to the well deserving students. The college has a very strong discipline policy which keeps the attitude and behavior of students well suited to fit in the society. It also has a distinct board of educators who identifies the skills and strengths of the students and advises them on various career options that utilizes and recognizes the student’s potential. My University's main objective is to provide a setting that is favorable to learning. This would apply to both the outside and inside of the college, where the environment is welcoming, safe, secure, accessible, well-illuminated, well- ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing for both teaching and the student body. Additionally, it is well equipped with sports fields, parking lots, playgrounds, and other outdoor learning places including clubs, libraries, workshops to name a few. It encourages the students to participate in exciting groups activities, sports, and volunteer opportunities for the mental, physical and spiritual growth of the student as an individual. The college does an excellent job of not only encouraging the students to participate in extracurricular activities but also significantly improving our lives in many other ways. These are just a handful of the numerous enjoyable and rewarding opportunities provided by my university with a goal of providing top-notch education and provide promising job outcomes in order to best shape our future. Without a shadow of doubt one of the best decisions I made in life was choosing to pursue my studies in this prestigious institution. read more

Aldrin Jose Antony

My experience in Garden City University has been amazing, apart from the fact that we could not enjoy the entire 2 years of college properly due to Covid, but other than that, the learning experience had been great in making amazing friends and to have wonderful professors. The faculty members have ... been extremely supportive and a helping hand in any situation. The all time support and motivation from everyone has been great throughout the college times. read more

Ms.Eva Chauhan (Alumni - 2019 Batch MSPS)

To be honest I have been to Bangalore a couple of times during my schooling and PG. Since I enjoyed being in Bangalore I thought of pursuing my PG in Bangalore. I went to get my admission in a couple of colleges but I personally didn't like the ambience, but when I reached GCU it was legit bliss.... The way they greeted us, I felt it very personal and touching. Then I got my admission and it was my first day of college, it was like paradise and each and every day of our college was a very memorable one. I've got friends who are gem of a kind. The best place which has multicultural people is GCU and I would definitely recommend students who are looking for the best experience with very good scope in future. read more

Mr.Ramana C. V (Alumni - 2019 Batch MSPS)

Garden City University has given me outstanding opportunities to broaden my horizon in the field of psychology. Our entire batch was very fortunate to have had a dynamic group of teachers and a well-structured curriculum. We were supported in every way possible during our course and beyond. The... versatile teaching techniques and industrial based field visits helped us learn and implement our learning in the real world with utmost clarity. I’m forever grateful to be a part of GCU. read more

Ms.Somdatta Chakraborty (Alumni - 2019 Batch MSPS)

My name is Annu Micheal and I have graduated with my Master’s degree in Psychology from Garden City University in 2021. Any field of education is more than just having theoretical knowledge and GCU has always been... a platform to succeed with more practical oriented approach of learning. During my time in campus, we engaged in activities that provide hands on training experience like frequent industrial visits, seminars and conducting mental health awareness programs. The optimum guidance and encouragement from our professors helped me excel in studies and publish research papers. The professors would also make sure that all the students are involved and engaged in the topic that would be discussed in the class. I will forever be grateful for my time at Garden City University, the faculty and students I met there, and the skills I acquired there that have helped me get to where I am today. read more

Ms.Annu Micheal ( Alumni - 2019 Batch MSPS)

I always wanted to perform at my best in medical fields. At GCU, I have learned all that i needed as a post graduate student from better education to research studies. we get inspiring professors and a good library where you can sit and study.what else a student needed! Thank You GCU


Garden City College of Physiotherapy currently Garden City University is an integral part of my life. It has not only made me what I am today but also gave me perspective about various aspects of life as the multicultural multifaceted environment.... GCU not only shapes you professionally but alsogives you a versatile experience about various other aspects of life and also shapes you as a better human being. Having said this I will always be indebted to my learned teachers Dr Anjali Suresh ,Dr Prasanna Mohan, Dr Sukumar Nayak, Dr Navabharatha Reddy, Dr Naveen G,DrShubhanjanDas,Dr Julie Chacko and all other staffs who always held our hands to guide us to become better and shape us professionally. read more

Shantanu Chakraborty

'GARDENIAN' a word that made me who I am today. Years spent at Garden City University had been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Infrastructure & Amenities provided by the University is remarkable with well-equipped labs. I had an opportunity to meet dynamic & distinguished ... Faculties who had always encouraged me to bring the best out of me. I had been posted to various Hospitals across the city as a part of clinical training which was an added advantage. Frequent field visits & workshops were organized to get better insights to Physiotherapy practice. Our University's Advance Physiotherapy unit helped me to implement my clinical skills under the supervision of highly qualified faculties. Curriculum followed here is at par with the current standard of Physiotherapy practice which included all recent evidence-based techniques which was unique in its own way. Apart from Academics, I participated in extra-curricular activities like cultural & sports events, etc which gave an opportunity to define myself. I appreciate the support of Garden City University which had been like a pillar for shaping my overall development. I feel glad that I had been a part of such an esteemed Institution. read more


My experience studying at Garden City University has been a true blessing. When I decided to opt for Bachelors in Physiotherapy in India, my parents were very sceptical about it. The history of ragging in India was very horrendous and that added to their fear. Initially, I too shared the... fear, but when I arrived at GCU, I was surprised to see no ragging banners all over the campus. This stance got further strong when both the seniors and juniors despised ragging. It promoted a learning and a reading culture. GCU also hosts students and Professors from different countries and culture, this became a huge advantage to me. Born and raised in Nepal, I was very afraid about the differences in cultures and the conflict emerging out from such. However, GCU shares a cosmopolitan lifestyle inside the campus. Here everyone is equally respected and appreciated, we celebrate everyone's culture and form a family of friends. Being close to each other's culture has improved the sense of understanding amongst us. The college too is spacious and provides us enough opportunities to explore. The Management Trainee program in GCU has its own special charm. Students who have an interest in working and improving the management inside the campus premises, get a chance to directly engage in management trainee activities inside the campus. This opportunity provides ample chances where we get to sharpen our skills for a beautiful future. The alumni network of the campus is also very strong, which provides students with opportunities to excel in the field of work. The campus consists of facilities which help enhance our skills, technically the campus has always focused on adopting the latest technical developments. Altogether, GCU has been a home away from home to me and I am proud to have joined GCU. read more


I am Miss Muskaan Sajid Sayed from 6th sem BPT,honoured to share my experience in Garden City university. Upon my arrival to GCU I was overwhelmed by the whole infrastructure of the campus, It felt so alive and fascinating. The most alluring part of the Campus was "THE LAGOON “with the... water running through it, it made me feel like I am in a resort for a mini vacation. So apart from being mesmerised by the campus,GCU has a captivating approach towards not only academic but also for extracurricular activities. Being a student of GCU not only means that you are bound just by studies, but there is so much more to it. The grand college fest & GARDENIA is a must attending event as you get a chance to showcase all your talents and most importantly interact with all your mates. The biggest flex point here is that everyone is EQUAL in GCU. You experience a cosmopolitan atmosphere with people from all religion,culture, and nationalities under one roof.GCU is a different world all together where there is no place for discrimination and a bucket full of opportunities. According to academic front, GCU has infinite scholars, it is very charismatic to have 50+ courses to offer just under one roof. GCU is a talent hub, where you can find ample of young budding talent and all-rounders. On the sports front also, GCU has always been enthusiastic, you won't believe but we have our very own “GIRLS CRICKET TEAM “ me being a part of the team , has won many matches , isn't it charming !! I am an extrovert always up for all challenges and activities! On every occasion GCU has been supportive and always guided me. GCU has provided me with a whole lot of opportunities. Recently we have won 11 trophies in an inter-college event held in Chennai. This is not all, there is much more to experience in GCU . Now also I am exploring GCU and GCU helps me to explore my talents. My university has made me self-independent , confident and a malleable person . I am taught how to deal with obstacles, how to be a pioneer and stand up for oneself . There is still so much more I would love to learn from GCU and I am still learning. read more

Muskaan Sajid Sayed

Garden City University has always encouraged and provided us opportunities to grow academically and personally. From the several workshops, leadership opportunities to the amazing faculty members, each moment and knowledge gained in GCU has led me to believe and strive towards self-growth.... The university always makes sure that each one of us are seen, heard, involved, and making an effort. I have improved greatly since coming to GCU and am excitedly looking forward to learning and improving further. read more

Shailisha Tandukar

When I passed my high school, my only goal was to graduate with an English (Hons) degree and get a well-paid job. However, when I look back at Garden City University it has played an important role in not just giving me the best time as a student but also molded my personality as well... as my professors helped me gain a different perspective in life, which I am sure would have not happened, if it were any other place. The faculty for the department of “Indian and Foreign Languages” is second to none. They are highly knowledgeable, patient and one of the most awesome things that I noticed during my time at GCU is that my faculty never imposed the interpretations of any (literature pieces) texts on the students, they solely explained what the text meant and left the creativity of students to interpret it, so that we have insight to various possibilities of what a writing can offer. The best part of the University is its internship in the last semester and the professors helped me thoroughly to get one that suits the course I opted for, which not only helped me to gain experience in my field, but I also learned how to deal with people in a corporate world. read more


My experience at Garden City University is a memory of learning and expertise gathered to cherish for a lifetime. Student life here is fruitful and enjoyable as well. GCU - a place encompassing all infrastructural, clean and eco-friendly environments - is not just for incredible... academics, but also for a successful career. GCU showed me what a professional world is and rooted my knowledge and confidence to have myself equipped with problem-solving skills. Our department and faculty members immensely focused on presentational and interpersonal skills, motivating us to express our opinions alongside academics with an international standard of establishing coherence among and in between each student, irrespective of national and cultural diversities. I am solely thankful to GCU, especially our beloved professors for being a milestone in my transformation and helping me turn into a better professional. read more

Kandasamy M.

My favorite element of Garden City University is its faculty members and learning resources. Being knowledgeable, inspiring, and approachable, my instructors provided students with much guidance and mind-opening perspectives. Their dedication to education helps us develop... academic interests and grow intellectually. In addition, various learning resources, such as the Library, and Students Clubs encourage the students to find and explore their field of interest. These resources are successful in assisting us in overcoming academic as well as practical challenges. As a student graduating with the highest honor, feel proud and well-prepared because GCU has given me the essential tools for more academic excellence in the future. read more

Ms. Chaithra M

Throughout the entire time, since the admission at GCU, I've experienced the most productive and self-oriented days of my life. Engaging and informative academic sessions tied up with more extracurricular sessions and activities were really encouraging the students... to be aware of the surrounding world around them. I've personally felt that I've become more self-sufficient through various orientation programmes and workshops initiated by the University. As I belong to the language department, I've had a great time interacting with various talented and renowned personality from the field of literature. Also, it would be incomplete without mentioning my supporting and motivating faculties, who always work for their students and overall wellbeing. Being a student, the opportunity and chances of rising up effectively are vast in GCU. I strongly believe that the center aim of the University is to make their students capable of facing the true world and teaching them to overcome their circumstances, so that they never fail in life. GCU brings out talents that are buried deep inside us and guides us in using them in the best way. read more

Ms. Sreelakshmi Santhosh

My Name is Youngji Ro. I have done my Bachelor in Tourism Honours from Garden City University. My Experience in GCU was overall very good. As I recall my experiences, I can say the orientation programs that were conducted in the beginning were really the icebreaker.... The orientation program helped me to interact with other departments too. The tourism department takes immediate action on every complaint, and they help us with our concerns. The classes were very interactive and educationally detailed. The Campus is huge, and you get to meet people from different countries and share your experiences. Even during the covid situation the classes were conducted online, and they were very informative, and we had the chance to go deep into the subject. I would like to thank GCU for such an amazing learning experience that I got during my bachelor’s degree. read more

Ms. Youngji Ro (From Korea)

My experience with my department has been really good. The course was very well planned which gave us detailed understanding of this huge and dynamic industry. Various activities were held which made our experience even better. Short trips and tours were organised... for us to learn along with travelling. In our final semester we were given an opportunity to take up an internship to help us develop our practical skills. My journey with the tourism department in GCU read more

Ms. Saffana

I still remember the day I first stepped into the campus. With emotions of joy and nervousness I started my journey with many like me. But today, looking back I wish this culmination could wait a little longer. Garden City University and B.A Tourism (Honors) was... a completely different experience for me. It opened up a new chapter in my life and has helped me grow as a person. The people I met in these 3 years have had a profound impact on me and shaped me into the confident and independent person that I am today. Little did I know that we would part ways sooner than we expected but the Green House, food Court and Classrooms have left an everlasting impression on me and I will cherish it till the end. Garden City University has given me a lot for which I am forever grateful. The perfect hostel life with fun memories, so many talented and beautiful human beings as friends and inclusive and compassionate mentors and professors who have not only empowered me but have also guided me as a friend and confidant. The online sessions and activities that they organized for us during this pandemic helped me move forward with my education and build new skills. Never forget the pillars of your success and with that I will fondly look back at the memories I shared with the non-teaching staff who never failed to put food on our plates and helped me during my stay. Finally, I would like to congratulate all my fellow graduates who have shown diligence and hard work and I wish them all the success and good health for the future. Thank You. read more

Ms. Shivali

To begin the journey with Garden City University was as exciting as it was till today. The teachers and staff were really great with students with everything we needed. Our seminars, group projects and workshops helped me understand what teamwork and effort of... one means. Now I know that all those days help me now in my path to a career. I cannot forget the days of GCU's cultural activities. They still are my favourite memories to hold on to. Cannot say it louder but GCU has made my life brighter for real. When exams arrived, I still remember, the way we ran to the boards to check our roll numbers and to the exam halls. And waiting for results, though it was hard then. It made me what I am to everything that is coming in the life ahead to me. For real, GCU has a made a print in my life. I still miss the cafeteria. Thank you! read more

Ms. Sharon

Before the admission, there was a lot of confusion regarding which college to join or which to not. That moment I came to know about GCU website and was amazed by the fascinating infrastructure, the vast courses and amazing faculty profile. At that time itself... I decided to join GCU. When I stepped into GCU it was more beautiful than I thought it would be. Campus life at GCU is really awesome. I met my faculties, and they were very supportive and cooperative. They guided me throughout my 2 years of journey at GCU. Students from different cultures are here in GCU which makes this place such a diverse world. I really enjoyed my time with our university and love it. read more

Mr. Mayank Kumar

My three years at Garden City University has been life changing. Garden City University is a culturally diverse university, where you get to meet people from all over India as well as internationally. It offers a sea of opportunities all throughout the course.... From its amazing infrastructure to the excellent quality of education, GCU has been a beautiful part of my life. It has nurtured every student’s inner talent and brought it out; be it in sports, fashion, dance, or arts. The university has a serene environment and faculties who provide great support and guidance throughout the education. My course (B.A tourism Journalism and History) helped me to balance both academics as well as participate in various events and activities. The three years I spent at GCU was full of learning, opportunities with just the right amount of fun. I have grown both personally and professionally and I would like to thank Garden City University for that. read more

Ms. Akila Krishnan

I am glad to be a part of Garden City University. It gives a bundle of opportunities to explore oneself, none the less but more one can think out of box, inter college fest to inculcate more skills. There were new ample things to learn such as extra professional... course, foreign language, strict conduct of examination. They motivated every student to participate in giving presentation and events to come out of fear, chance of celebrating all the states in India. Various clubs to enhance skills, The faculty was always there no matter what, supporting us for everything. Giving a glance on writing research papers and more of practical classes. I made more of friends and, but my most favourite thing was the green house memories with the friends. read more

Pooja Lakhina

As a teenager, who shifted to a different state to pursue her higher studies I had no idea what was waiting ahead of me in Garden City College. I joined GCC in 2010 and it was truly a global experience. I met people from different countries and of different... culture. One of the major highlight for me was our libraries apart from the dreamy campus and awesome cafes. Those two libraries were built and arranged with much consideration and analysis. Although I understood that little late, to be precise once I got to experience the student life again. Our department had a compact and compassionate team. The faculty members of our department were always friendly and supportive. They found time to make sure that we were having a good time during the college days, always reminded us the industry is going to be different so consider every small opportunity and give our best. The department staffs were also friendly and helpful, especially during the final days of the semesters. Every month we had a new event and which department would be called to participate, decorate and arrange everything -FAD! Each events and its preparations were a different learning experience altogether, which almost every fashion student would agree. Being part of Gardenia and other inter and intra college festivals made the days more memorable. The chaos before every event and the sleepless nights before submissions were never the ones I imagined I would miss. Thank you all for making my days memorable. read more

Oormila S Pillai

I am honoured to have got the opportunity to complete my graduation from GCU, Bangalore that gave me the necessary exposure to face the outside world with confidence and grace. The 3 years of academic perseverance in this incredulous institute of learning has... paved my way to an excellent career in fashion designing nd brilliant success in my future undertakings. Today I owe all my success and happiness to the loving guidance and untiring efforts of the amazing faculties of fashion designing at GCU. The unconditional support and the impressive personality of His Excellency Dr Joseph VG the Chancellor of GCU who instilled in us human values and the emphasis on Life require special mention. read more

Sharanya Gopinathan

My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills, celebrating different culture has taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general. When I came to... Garden City, I was a little girl whose dream was to become a fashion designer. Garden City helped me a lot in fulfilling this dream of mine. Whatever I can do well in my career today, it is because of Garden City College. I am most grateful to our Chancellor Sir Dr. Joseph VG Because he never stopped us from giving exams due to financial issues and he always used to say that you do the exam then you should go ahead in your career, fees are secondary before is your studies, Doing this thing is a very big thing for any institute practically And this proves that our Chancellor Sir Dr. Joseph VG, is a very great human being. His support has made me so much ahead in life today. Thank You Garden City University. read more

Varsha Gopukumar

I cherished every moment spent at this institution. Every teaching and non-teaching member was very friendly and cooperative. The faculty team of Fashion Department always encouraged and supported me through thick and thin. They always motivated me to expand my... interest in learning and nurtured my skills. I am proud to be an alumna of this institution. I am proud to be known as a Gardenian. read more

Shalin Maria Joseph

They said, Success of any University can be measured by the contribution of its Alumini to make our Nation great. With Garden City University I am making my bit of contribution in every aspects from the lessons learnt from this here. It a great honour to be... recognized as Alumini of this University. read more

Mr. Karthik G M

My life at Garden City University made me stronger and took me a step ahead to be an independent women. I am thankful to all the teachers who supported and corrected us throughout our time at GCU. I love the infrastructure at Garden City University,and i... enjoyed being in the campus. Proud and happy to be an alumni of GCU. read more

Ms. Joseph Smilin J

The thing I liked the most about GCC is it’s diversity towards culture and equality towards its students. I learnt a lot not just related to my degree but also some basic values of life in most fascinating way, made lots of friends and unforgettable memories... with my fashion department and teaching faculty made it more easier to learn each and every thing in a new and interesting way. Its my pleasure to have completed my degree from GCC. read more

Mr. Uttej N

I had a great time at GCU.One of the best decision I made! It was an enriching experience in which i gained a different perspective into the fashion industry.Excellent faculties inspired me to give my best and also granted access to internships that are normally... very hard to get.I can strongly recommend this life changing experience. read more

Ms. Sowmyaa D

'Such a great privilege to share a unique experience with Garden City College, Bangalore. GCC provided me with very qualified professors and academics who made sure that we were the best at what we did. I had a complete makeover in my personality over the 3 years,... be it learning professionalism, developing work ethics, inculcating soft skills and grow better personally. Thanks a lot for this opportunity!! read more

Ms. Shruthakeerthi Padma

One of the things I love the most about Garden City College is the emphasis placed on different learning styles beyond the classroom; from team-based learning activities with our classmates to studying aspects and concepts of hotel management here, you really feel... like the experience and learning are tailored to suit your needs. The Faculty and administration here are constantly working directly with us in order to make the Hotel Management program the best it can be for us as students. I am constantly impressed by how earnestly our feedback is incorporated into the day-to-day student life. The modules within the college exemplify this idea not only academically, but also socially, by providing a sense of ‘home’ while on campus. I strongly recommend Garden City University to those who want to be a success in this Industry. read more

Jumaina Ali Shareef

I would like to take this opportunity for expressing my sincere gratitude to the management & the faculty members of BHM department, Garden City College., without whose help, I would not be able to write this. I consider myself fortunate enough to have been placed... in such a unique department, serving a unique role with one of the leading Hotel chains of the country. My dream and aspirations has been made possible by the collective efforts of team BHM, by inculcating the ethics, morals and values of a professional during my days in college. All the teachings, lessons and assignments that I have gone through have gradually helped me develop, sharpen & polish my skill-set to earn this rewarding job and has also contributed in recognizing me as a competent resource for the company. While on the same subject, I would like to throw some light on the high standards of grooming & personal development that is maintained in GCC and due to which I blended seamlessly into the white-collar industry. When I look back on all those days of hard work and pain, I can say with pride & honour, that they were totally worth it. I would be forever indebted to my alma mater and its wonderful team of faculty members for the many lessons and opportunities that were given to me. Previous read more

Reem Shakeel Nadeem

When I studied Hotel Management at GCC, we were still under Bangalore University. I loved every minute of it. Today though, you enter the gates of Garden City University, it looks like a university that could easily stand up to any foreign university in the world today.... Stunning greenery is everywhere you look and there is an enhanced air of academia. You see students who lead well-balanced lives between extracurricular activities and learning their curriculum. The progress of this university has been truly incredible. One thing that has not changed though is the commitment of the faculty to excellence, in both imparting their knowledge to the students as well as being there for them as people to support them in their lives. The faculty has always managed to strike a healthy balance between being lecturers and being fully approachable even outside class to hear out a student in need. Therefore, although hotel management is a difficult field to enter, with long work hours, and a physically and mentally demanding work environment, the students are prepared for the world they will enter into after graduating college, whichever path they choose, because the faculty have strengthened them and given them all the knowledge necessary for a successful career.I have made lifelong friends, from both the student body and faculty at GCC and I am proud to call Garden City College my alma mater. read more

Sarang Ravindran

I had a great experience with GCU. They helped to use “Real World” examples to help make the material not seem so cumbersome and to relate to how I can use it in my everyday occupation. I think the most valuable thing that I learned was the concepts behind what I was... doing every day. I know that having the knowledge and the degree will help me to advance. My stay here has been accompanied by a wide array of opportunities to expand myself in extra-curricular activities. The staff is willing to assist with ease. I have also been aided to pursue a hotel management program with a very comfortable class size which allows best one on one interaction with lecturers who are very knowledgeable of what they are doing and teaching. “I felt welcomed and at ease from the first day I entered the college. The staff are some of the most amazing people I have met and I owe a great deal of my career to them. We were always encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities and competitions, this not only helped in our holistic growth, but also helped us in building a network with other professionals and students. I would like to thank everyone at BHM department in GCU for their continued support and encouragement. read more


“Two roads diverged in my life and, I choose the one with less traveled by and that has change my life.” We were a part of something unprecedented, something unheard of, something new. We overcame Challenges, faced the ruthless world, learned , unlearned,... relearned and in the process, made memories of a lifetime. GCU will always be another home for us. As we gracefully culminate the three years spent here, it feels humbling to be a part of the history. I am sure the upcoming batches of GCU will continue the rich legacy and strive to make us proud. Our college is well equipped with facilities that brings out the best in us. The homely environment, and dedicating teachers makes the B.SC Fashion and Apparel Design more thrilled, challenging and passionate to learn something new always. The three years of mine in GCU was always the best years of my life. read more

Ms.Nishta Raj

The legacy of Garden City University comes from the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.

The Garden City Group of Institutions has been a home for students from 81 nations to this day and the family is growing...

Please note : The above data need not be misread as that of Garden City University which commenced its operations in 2017; however GCU is a part of the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.