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About School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences at Garden City University offers BSc. , MSc. and PhD courses in Psychology. The school strives to provide opportunities to broaden students' perspectives and educate them on intellectual processes, behaviour, and emotion. The School houses the Department of Psychology and aims to provide the students with a knowledge of social, political, and psychological thoughts from an interdisciplinary perspective. This department works together to address several cutting-edge problems in clinical psychology, counselling psychology, organizational psychology, developmental psychology, cyberpsychology, and many others. The research-led programs and the facilities at Garden City University provide the students with the opportunities to gain knowledge about various areas of psychology and beyond. This will prepare the students for a career in various areas of psychology not just in India but all over the world. The School of Social Sciences hosts experienced lecturers and researchers in different fields which further enriches the student experience in the university, along with best-in-class facilities, and a well-crafted curriculum that promotes both theoretical and practical knowledge. This program draws students from all across India and the world making the classroom really multicultural which also aids in providing different approaches to the field of psychology and developing a global perspective.

Our Programmes


After the completion of graduation a student can choose any employability routes out of several options

  • A student can either continue higher studies through post-graduation or integrated MSc-PhD programmes or they can job sector specifically in the R&D Sector
  • A graduate student can establish career options by applying for academic vacancies or the graduates can also opt for IP research domain
  • To flourish in a prospective career a student can also opt for starting up an organization by gearing the entrepreneurial skills.