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About School of Health Science

Health sciences is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses both behavioural, and natural science, and concentrates specifically on health problems, and their outcomes. The School of Health Science at Garden City University, provides students with a world-class education in clinical and public health careers, that promote the physical and mental well-being of both individuals and the society as a whole, in culturally diverse contexts. The health science programmes at GCU, combine the learnings in laboratory science courses, with those that are essential to the health of the population, and factors outside an individual’s control that may influence their health. The School of Health Sciences is dedicated to evidence-based research and practices that will ultimately help eliminate health disparities in society. This School fosters an innovative, transdisciplinary setting, that incorporates brilliant educators, and all-round learning to equip students with the skills demanded in today’s dynamic medical landscape. The graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes offered by the School of Health Sciences have been designed in a way that offers both personalized attention, as well as professional, ethical, social, and legal responsibilities. The health science programmes and top-notch facilities at GCU, help inculcate essential healthcare knowledge and skills while instilling professional skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, information literacy, and management, that are highly sought after by healthcare employers in both private and public sectors, hence paving the way for the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Programmes


  • The future plans of the School of Health Sciences include starting up of a dedicated hospital, R&D Labs to nurture and shape dedicated health professionals who are willing to pursue their career in health research for the betterment of society.