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MSc Psychology


This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

If you are interested in gathering an in-depth knowledge of the behavior, thoughts, actions, interactions and reactions of people, perhaps leading to a career as a psychologist, a Masters in Psychology could be for you.

Garden City University’s M.Sc. Psychology master’s program under School of Social Sciences prepares students for meaningful careers in Psychology, human services, and related fields through an intensive curriculum. This academic degree program is intended to produce students with a radical understanding of the principles of Psychology. (Click to know the fee structure)


A Master of Science in Psychology (M.Sc. Psychology) can serve as your gateway into the human services field or as a stepping stone into a doctoral program.

The aim of the program is to coach students to master the theories and science of Psychology with an extensive understanding of the subject matter.

Further aims are to present recent theoretical and practical material, to ascertain skills and commitment for the profession providing a solid foundation of data that allows the student/s to follow Psychology as a vocation.


The educational aims of the Clinical Psychology specialization: To stream theoretical and practical information within the domains of typical and atypical development so as to be ready to perform overall diagnostic work, therapy and research in institutions dealing with mentally ill individuals.

Our students will gain competence in the following areas:
  • Psychopathology
  • Diagnostic Processes
  • Therapeutic possibilities
  • Research in Clinical Psychology


The educational aims of the Counselling Psychology specialization are to train professionals working primarily in the practical areas who are equally familiar with the socialization issues of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, who possess the necessary skills in their theoretical readiness related to their practical background. They can primarily be employed by childcare institutions (nursery and pre-school) and schools, educational advisories and other institutions doing work related to career counselling, life skills counselling and crisis counselling. They are familiar with the psychodynamics of individual, group and family counselling.


The educational aims of Human Resource development and Management Specialization: Our program is focusing on leadership and organizational development. Our aim is to produce students with current theoretical and practical information supported evidence-based knowledge and analysis. Our student are ready to perceive and analyze the attitudes, activities, and decisions of managers, teams and organizations. Students are welcome to understand the HRDM programs of the Department (e.g. psychological aspects of success in social control and structure effectiveness, the effect of the working environment on the well-being of workers, etc.) The students are prepared to become: organizational developers, executive coaches, trainers, staff development managers, and academicians.

Our students will gain competencies in the following areas:
  • Organizational diagnosis; Methodology of organizational diagnosis (interviews, focus groups; participant observation, document analysis, questionnaires).
  • Planning, preparing and implementing organizational development projects.
  • Leadership development, management training, and coaching.
  • Measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of development interventions.
  • Environmental and ergonomic analyses; diagnosis and intervention.
  • Designing and conducting organizational psychology research.
  • Critical, innovative, solution-focused thinking.

Our students will gain skills in the following areas:
  • Life skills
  • Couple and Family Counselling
  • Career counselling and Group counselling
  • School Psychology Educational Counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Children’s psycho-diagnostics Counselling in Health Psychology


The activity of a psychologist will notice its grounds and justification in every organization, field, institute, where the following processes take place: Education, development, leadership, recruitment, selection, re-education, correction, or health activities and health services.

Furthermore, a psychologist can also work in any psychological laboratory and can complete and evaluate several standard experiments and aptitude tests. A psychologist is trained and ready to conduct and analyze many experiments concerning human interventions, like standard or intentional survey of competence, attitude or functioning, the demand for such professionals are often characterized as vital and noteworthy.

Course Structure

Semester I

  • Basic Psychological Processes
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Physiological Processes
  • Research Methods
  • Qualitative Methods of Research in Psychology

Click here for detailed syllabus

Semester II

  • Theories of Personality
  • Positive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Computer Based Statistical Methods (Clinical/Counselling)
  • Computer Based Statistical Methods (HRDM)

Click here for detailed syllabus

Semester III

  • Clinical
  • Counselling
  • Human Resource Management

Fee structure for the Academic year 2021-22

Programmes Course Duration 1st Instalment 3 Subsequent Instalments
M.Sc Psychology 2 years 25000 60000

1st Instalment 3 Subsequent Instalments
$ 500 $ 967
DOUBLE SHARING 95000 110000 120000 95000 95000
SINGLE SHARING 135000 155000 165000 135000 135000
SINGLE WITH AC & REFRIDGERATOR - 180000 190000 - 180000

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Application status : Open

Duration : Two years

Study mode : Full-time

Entry Requirements : Graduates who have secured 40% marks in the aggregate of all subjects and at least 50% marks in Psychology (cognate subject) at the degree level are eligible

Fee structure 2021

1st Instalment 3 Subsequent Instalments
25000 60000
1st Instalment Subsequent Instalments
$ 500 $ 967

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Entry Requirements

Graduates who have secured 40% marks in the aggregate of all subjects and at least 50% marks in Psychology (cognate subject) at the degree level are eligible.

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