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University established through Act no. 47 of 2013 in Karnataka State and approved by UGC, Govt. of India

GCU Concept



GCU Concept

At Garden City University, our primary focus is on revolutionising the outlook of education in India by raising existing standards and elevating our students employability, skills and knowledge.

Our emphasis is on skill-based education in order to make our students employable globally. We venture into this youthful space where students in their quest for higher education are able to assess their potential and select a requisite study program. GCU is a learner-centric The courses at GCU studying our University that allows its main stakeholders – its students, the flexibility and the responsibility to choose what they want to study. GCU offers its students 6 different study routes:

  • The Scholarly Route
  • The Managerial Route
  • The Skill based Route
  • The Research Route
  • The Entrepreneurial Route
  • The Academic Route

GCU stands by its motto of “Emphasis on Life” and works on both the Emotional Quotient and the Intelligence Quotient of its students. Emotional Quotient ensures that the learning is multi - dimensional and the Teacher-Student bond is epitomized. Intelligence Quotient encompasses learning from all angles, including learning from and amongst peers, which stimulates creativity.

The GCU courses are Modelled to achieve both vertical and horizontal growth. This is to ensure that students have the freedom to pick their core courses and take up subjects that may be outside their field of study. The curriculum at Garden City University is designed in such a way, that it would not just stand out, but also increase the involvement of its stakeholders in the process. The presence of technology interventions at all levels will make study at GCU an exhilarating experience.

Our exclusive Learning Management System is being heralded as a catalyst for change in the education field and will be one of our greatest strengths. Rapid interactive tools and virtual/augmented reality based learning experiences are additions that will give the students a comprehensive outlook to explore various learning avenues.

GCU will illustrate concepts envisaged and applied successfully at other institutions under the Chairmanship by Dr. Joseph V.G our beloved Chairman. Some of these practices include

  • Management Trainee Concept
  • ARM Strategy

Management Trainee concept: The Management Trainee program aims at creating empowered managers with an inherent ability to lead confidently and enthusiastically both as individuals and as team players. A plethora of events unfold throughout the year at GCU and students manage them from the inception to the conclusion, under the guidance of a faculty member. Students from various streams are selected for the position of Management Trainee (MT) and are allotted important responsibilities. These MTs then build a team of students around them and handle the events. The students gain incredible first hand knowledge during the process of conducting these events.

CREATE (Culture, Region, Evolution and Tradition in Education) This concept was implemented to develop and improve "Practical Exposure Quotient (PEQ)" amongst both students and faculty members and benefitting all stakeholders to exhibit better inter team coordination amongst departments. 'CREATE' adds value to students in terms of soft skills and aligns them with our motto of, 'Emphasis on Life.' The ideation behind CREATE was, that every Department provides a faculty members and five students, in consultation with the programme convener, to contribute to the event conducted by the University.

GCU builds its robust universe of education adapting the questioning module at all its levels. Every aspect is dealt with on the following principle –

"Forecasting, Connecting, Pursuing, Clarifying and Recounting".

This principle instils in students a deeper sense of commitment both in terms of what they choose to study and in their potential careers.

ARM Strategy : With years of innovation and insight behind us, we strive to bring in radical changes in academic pedagogy, taking cue from the ‘ARM Strategy’ introduced at Garden City College. ARM stands for - Ambition, Resources and Mentoring; where in, we help a student focus on their ambition, provide them adequate resources, and mentor them holistically so as help them achieve their goals.

We take our University Social Responsibility (USR) very seriously and make it mandatory for all stakeholders to respect the ecosystem where the University is built and notably, give back to society. The entire campus is built with a green purpose, integrating everything that is needed to preserve the ecology and reduce our carbon footprint.

The culture of education here at GCU is to foster positive emotions, build stronger relationships and achieve a sense of purpose, in line with our values and beliefs.


The legacy of Garden City University comes from the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.

The Garden City Group of Institutions has been a home for students from 81 nations to this day and the family is growing...

Please note : The above data need not be misread as that of Garden City University which commenced its operations in 2017; however GCU is a part of the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.