Professional Development

Professional Courses

  • Professional Courses

    GCU is will be soon launching professional development courses for its alumni,
    where you can learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our short online courses.

Open Online Courses

  • Open Online Courses

    GCU provides wide range of open online courses exclusively for its alumni.

Mentorship Programme

  • Mentorship Programme

    Are you looking for mentoring and career advice from professional GCU alumni? Or are you a seasoned professional eager to pass on your knowledge to the next

    Drop us an email to get more information about GCU’s mentorship

Funding Start-Up

  • Funding Start-Up

    Start-up funding and GCU Incubator are two ventures of GCU which will be launched soon.

    Register now and keep checking on the updates, also alumni who wish to know more or contribute for this venture can drop us an email.


  • Workshop

    Would you like to dip your toe into another subject? GCU conducts workshops on

    Registered alumni can avail these workshops at discounted rates.

With our International Partner

  • With our International Partner

    GCU helps its alumni in collaborative research with any of our renowned international partner university from around the globe.