Garden City University (previously Garden City College) stands proud of its strong alumni spread across the globe. GCU has been a home for students from 81 nations to this day and the family is growing. The life experiences at GCU with the motto “Emphasis on Life” definitely ingrains a belongingness in the minds of every student graduating from here. This is evident in the way our alumni connects to GCU even when they are far away from their Alma Mater.

GCU Alumni Community

GCU is providing a platform to help its alumni stay connected with other former gardenians worldwide, Now you can register to our alumni community to stay up to date with the latest campus news and exclusive opportunities that GCU offers. This includes updates on opportunities to support GCU campaigns through mentoring, volunteering, peer support or philanthropy. After registering, you’ll also have access to GCU online alumni community, which will be your exclusive networking site. You can start building your personal profile by connecting your LinkedIn or Facebook account or register by email. From there you can make connections with alumni all over the world, search for a mentor from our pool of experienced alumni or use the job board.