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Entrepreneurship Concept

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice - Peter Drucker

Education for Employment is no longer sufficient for a graduate to lead a successful professional life. Education for Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour to innovate products and services to fulfill the needs and expectations for the diverse segments in the market. India is a developing country with an estimated population of 1.37 billion. The entrepreneurship opportunity, need of the consumers, and availability of the local resources are tremendous. It is practically not feasible for the Indian government to explore the available opportunity, fulfill the need of the consumers, and to utilize the locally available resources. Hence the need for entrepreneurship arises.

One Graduate, One Employment lead to one Successful Family

One Graduate, One Entrepreneurship leads to Success of many families through Employment

One Graduate, One Entrepreneurship also helps to build Economy of the Country

Following the Educational Philosophy of Garden City University "Emphasis on Life," an opportunity to become Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneur through practice is available not only for the students but for any individual who are passionate to become an Entrepreneur.

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