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Diploma in Translation Studies


This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

It is a one year practical oriented course focusing on the key areas of translation. Translation, it must be remembered, demands special skills, which are not necessarily acquired with general proficiency in language. Hence it needs a systematic training in different aspects of bilingual and multilingual translation.

Translation is in great demand in this fast shrinking global world. In a multilingual Indian society, translation is a means to know, understand and tolerate each other and know each other’s language and culture. Translators are in great demand in government organizations, multinational corporate sector, trade, research, publication houses and news media.

In the process of globalisation it is a means of reaching the desired end of growth and development. Translation studies also develop bilingual, multilingual competence and cultural sensitivity.

Course Highlights

The main objective of the course is to develop the students’ interest in multilingualism, to prepare them to become professional translators, to study translation in global context so that they can perform satisfactorily in professional context. Diploma in Translation is designed to develop the translation skills of the learners and train them as translators. Besides imparting the knowledge of the theory and practice of translation, it enables the students to understand the socio-cultural dimensions of translation.

Programme Prospects

This diploma is the first level in professional translator training. One will gain a sound appreciation of translation as a professional activity and learn about the local and global translation market. One will engage in hands-on translation practice, learn to use and understand the electronic tools essential to the modern translator, and explore translation theory and cutting-edge research.

Career Prospects

This course helps people get jobs in many different areas. The best thing is that job opportunities are available for them across the globe. Those who had prior experience in this field will get the opportunity to get more expertise in this field. By studying Diploma in Translation, aspirants will be able to get a better understanding of the function form of different languages or the languages they have specifically chosen. Translators can find work with embassies, large and small firms and they can even work as freelancers. Some of the job titles would be:

Judiciary Interpreter & Translator, Medical Interpreter & Translator, Sign-Language Interpreter, Conference Interpreter, Guide or Escort Interpreter, Literary Translator, Localization Translator, Language Teacher

Fee structure for the Academic year 2021-22

Programmes Course Duration 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
DTLS 1 year 40000 40000

1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
$ 750 $ 750
DOUBLE SHARING 95000 110000 120000 95000 95000
SINGLE SHARING 135000 155000 165000 135000 135000
SINGLE WITH AC & REFRIDGERATOR - 180000 190000 - 180000

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Application status : Open

Duration : One year

Study mode : Full-time

Entry Requirements : Anyone who has successfully passed the 10th examination and has an interest for translation studies, professionals, teachers

Fee structure 2021

1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
40000 40000
1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
$ 750 $ 750

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Entry Requirements

Anyone who has successfully passed the 10th examination and has an interest for translation studies, professionals, teachers

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