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Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies


This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

The Programme Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies is a one year primarily focuses on time, geography, space and literature of the folklore and culture of the world in general, and of India in particular. The Programme aims to find out the relation between folk culture and context through various frameworks borrowed from disciplines such as Literature, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Folklore Studies and emerging disciplines such as Culture Studies. This Programme is a result of the interdisciplinary approach to the paradigms of knowledge.

Course Highlights

The Programme focuses on themes such as oral literature, material culture, social customs, performing arts, the theories and methods of folklore employed so far such as historical-geographical, historical-re-constructional, ideological, functional, psychoanalytical, cross-cultural, structural and contextual — all of which demand an inter-disciplinary approach. The social relevance of the Programme may be categorized as: In a vast and diverse country like India, it is important that policy planners are sensitive to the impact of the developmental processes on the marginalized communities. This programme can contribute to that since it has two major concerns, first, to study the marginal society in their specificity, second, the impact of the contact with more complex societies on the marginal communities as tribes.

This Programme seeks to address to that section of students who are not covered by formal education, mainly those students who seek to join the NGO circles or intend to pursue higher education in trans-disciplinary subjects such as Ethnography, Migration Studies, Marginal Studies, etc.

Programme Prospects

It has the objective of appreciating culture and folklore in all their composite forms and of evaluating the social and political context in which culture manifests itself. It has the object of study and the location of political criticism by its focal points such as Marginal Studies, Tribal and Folklore Literature, Language Death and Preservation, etc. It has an obligation to an ethical appraisal of traditional as well as the modern society. Some of the important faculty in this Programme may be categorized as Critical Theory, Cultural Critic, Cultural Geography, Cultural History, Culture Theory, Ethnography,Feminism, Gender Studies, Museum Studies, Orientalism, Popular Culture Studies, Post-structuralism, Social Structuralism, Language Studies, History and Anthropology, etc.

Career Prospects

Anyone who wants to enter tourism, archaeological development or management of museums, NGOs working for Tribal Rights, academic institutes offering programmes on Folklore and Culture Studies. Some of the job titles that one may take up post the course would be:

Fee structure for the Academic year 2021-22

Programmes Course Duration 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
DFCS 1 year 40000 40000

1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
$ 750 $ 750
DOUBLE SHARING 95000 110000 120000 95000 95000
SINGLE SHARING 135000 155000 165000 135000 135000
SINGLE WITH AC & REFRIDGERATOR - 180000 190000 - 180000

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Application status : Open

Duration : One year

Study mode : Full-time

Entry Requirements : Any one who has successfully completed 10th standard, professionals, graduates

Fee structure 2021

1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
40000 40000
1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
$ 750 $ 750

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Entry Requirements

Any one who has successfully completed 10th standard, professionals, graduates

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