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B.Com with Specialization Forensic Audit


This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

Forensic auditing comprises of utilisation of accounting principles, auditing methods and investigative skills of an individual to handle legal matters related to Finance & Accounts domain. Through forensic auditing, financial records of any client or firm is thoroughly scrutinised and analyzed to determine legality or illegality of any financial activity.With the increase in the rate of white collar crimes, such as securities fraud and banking and investments embezzlement, the demand for professionals, who are experts in financial procedures and have strong analytical as well as investigative skills, is on the rise.

Course Highlights

The world has seen a lot of financial frauds happening in last few decades. These events has resulted in an increased demand for professionals having know-how of financial scams investigative skills. This specialization in Forensic Audit will help a student hone their forensic accounting skills by formulating robust internal control processes, and knowledge of the legal and compliance system

Programme Prospects

Given the nature and types of fraud in India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has compulsorily made forensic accounting audit mandatory for all banks within the country. The establishment of Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) in India has become the turning point for forensic accountants in the country

Although the focus is fundamentally on accounting concerns, the function of a forensic accountant may also cover a more generic investigation including collection of evidence.

Almost every accounting firm in the country today has forensic accounting sections. Within these sections, there may be sub-differentiations; for instance, some forensic accounting experts may specialise in insurance applications, personal injury declarations, fraudulence, construction or royalty audits.

Forensic accountants may also offer their services in retrieving profits from crime and in relation to appropriation proceedings relevant to definite or assumed proceeds of crime or dubious transfer of funds.

Career Prospects

Most forensic audit accountants work in major accounting firms and are needed for investigating mergers and acquisitions, taxation related transaction investigations, economic crime investigations, money laudering activities, all kinds of civil litigation support, specialised audits, and even in terrorist activities financing investigations. They can also work with the police department, or intelligence agencies, particularly when investigating criminal or international cases, as well as with insurance companies and law firms.

Fee structure for the Academic year 2021-22

Programmes Course Duration 1st Instalment 5 Subsequent Instalments
BCFA 3 years 25000 60000

1st Instalment 5 Subsequent Instalments
$ 500 $ 900
DOUBLE SHARING 95000 110000 120000 95000 95000
SINGLE SHARING 135000 155000 165000 135000 135000
SINGLE WITH AC & REFRIDGERATOR - 180000 190000 - 180000

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Application status : Open

Duration : Three years

Study mode : Full-time

Entry Requirements : Pass in 10+2 / Equivalent with minimum of five subjects

Fee structure 2021

1st Instalment 5 Subsequent Instalments
25000 60000
1st Instalment 5 Subsequent Instalments
$ 500 $ 900

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Entry Requirements

Pass in 10+2 / Equivalent with minimum of five subjects.

Wherever grading system or any other system is followed for evaluating the performance of the candidate in the qualifying examination, the applicant should ensure that a certificate indicating the percentage of marks obtained has to be submitted through the University / Board last studied. Applicants passing GCE / O / A level examination should have passed 4 + 3 or 5 + 2 subects at the O & A level respectively.

The examination approved by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) only will be considered by the Garden City University, others who have passed the examination which is not in the AIU approved list shall obtain equivalence certificate from the Association of Indian Universities.

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