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How a B.Tech in Data Science Can Prepare You for a Career in AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence has taken over a large portion of scientific curiosity in the world. India, too, is at the forefront of research and development in AI technology. Estimates show that Artificial Intelligence will add approximately 15% of the current gross value to India’s economy by 2035. This is promising statistics for a nation whose technical talent is seeking foreign pastures. With a B.Tech in Data Science from Garden City University, you can be a part of the wave of innovation and research in India’s AI scene.

Catching Up in the AI Race

Today, AI is so widespread, and it is almost impossible to imagine the world’s future without it. Business, finance, healthcare — you name it, and AI has a purpose in the industry. With AI boosting the efficiency of everything we do, getting ahead in AI technology is a service to humankind and a matter of pride.

Besides, the practicality of AI is no longer deniable. From backing up systems to managing workflow and more, the technology is perfect for gathering and organising large amounts of data and drawing estimates that cannot be done manually. In addition, AI technology reduces the risk of errors that come up in decision-making. With AI, organisational efficiency is driven to new heights, and users can identify unusual patterns, spam, frauds, suspicious behaviours, and more.

Currently, trends in Artificial Intelligence vary in different industries across the globe. Europe is leading the game in terms of size and the most diverse space in AI development. Even big names like China and USA are actively moving forward in the research and development of AI technology. However, considering AI research output, India is ahead of them all. Over the last five years, AI research has been expanding at a pace of 12.9% annually.

In this scenario, a graduate of B.Tech in Data Science can contribute immensely to the industry. India is at a crucial point where there is a surplus of technology to further the development of AI but not enough skilled professionals to do so. Opportunities of this nature rarely come around more than once.

B.Tech in Data Science is a Game Changer: Here’s Why

Experts in Data Science are among the most sought-after professionals in this era. In the IT sector, the demand for experienced technocrats is booming. No other IT professional has seen so much demand as the ones with skills in Data Science do. Frankly, the career scope is too broad to be estimated accurately at the moment. Roles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, and Data Analyst in various settings such as public and private sectors, financial services, retail, e-commerce, IoT, and healthcare industries constitute only a part of it.

Apart from this, the course offered by Garden City University allows comprehension of complex topics such as data analytics, visualisation, predictive modelling, and analytics for data- driven decision-making. The course enables aspirants to learn principles, tools, and techniques to model various real-world problems, analyse them, and discover useful information. This program equips students with statistical skills, mathematical reasoning, machine learning, knowledge discovery, and visualisation skills. In short, the course is a complete game changer and can give your career path a new and improved direction.

Final Thoughts

Another industrial revolution is here, and AI is an unavoidable component of it. Since AI is finding broader and improved applications, getting a headstart on the research is always recommended.

Enhance your chance at a successful career in this competitive industry with the B.Tech in Data Science course at Garden City University now!


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